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Top Capital is a boutique investment firm focused on corporate strategy, financial services and capital markets. It seeks long-term growth with high returns for its clients to maximize business potential and generate value for its companies. The team is made up of highly knowledgeable professionals with global and multisector experience and broad business vision.


Structuring of Private Equity Funds
Direct Investments
Venture Capital
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Capital Raising
Joint Ventures & Alliances
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Financial Planning
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Deliver positive results through customized approaches with high quality and profitable solutions


Top Capital's vision is to be a leading Investment Holding company in Brazil with global reach and influence


Results, Ethics, Integrity, Quality, Transparency, Determination, Excellence and Long Term Vision, are the main values that drive the decision making process of all of Top Capital's businesses


Top Capital implements sound corporate governance practices as a key element of its business strategy, promoting effective and efficient management of its resources, generating sustainable results and creating value for its customers and consumers.


Top Capital in its area of ​​expertise in Financial Services , serves the most diverse customers and from various sectors, bringing smart and modern solutions for the growth and profitability of their companies.

In the Private Equity area, Top Capital operates with Private Equity investment funds and seeks to identify companies with long-term growth potential, especially in the most strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy.

The investment fund of Venture Capital focuses on technology and innovation in the sectors of tourism, education, retail and health aiming at the implementation of a highly efficient financial management for the sustainable growth of the company, highlighting the reduction of costs and increased productivity.

Top Capital in its Asset Management area brings efficiency in asset management, enabling the maintenance and growth of the financial well-being of the client, as well as the achievement of life goals in a sustainable and long term manner.

The main focus areas of Top Capital are:


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